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Can your pet food be trusted?

Many consumers place "blind faith" in the pet food industry. The general consensus is that if a food is on the store shelf, it must be nutritious and safe. But the sad reality is that many pet foods and treats are routinely recalled, but not before there have been ​dreadful consequences.

In March 2007 our nation experienced the single largest recall of pet foods ever. More than 100 brands were pulled off the shelves due to tainted ingredients. Thousands of pets were sickened (the FDA received more than 17,000 reports and an estimated 20% of affected pets died). While larger recalls such as this are publicized and brought to public awareness, many smaller recalls are not.There have been many more recalls since 2007. Do you recognize any of these brands? These are just some of the dog and cat foods and treats that have been recalled since 2007.


How is your pet food sold?

This may not appear important on the surface but it is vitally important in knowing whether or not you are buying a quality product. Most pet foods are sold through either grocery or pet stores. This presents a few challenges that cannot be overlooked.

  • Competition for Shelf Space and Low Prices- Ever wonder why there are so many varieties of pet foods from the same pet food manufacturer - small kibble, large chunk, medium breed, active lifestyle, indoor cat and more? Could it be that more varieties aren't necessary for your pet's health but instead the pet food company simply needs to take up more shelf space to increase visibility and catch your eye? This kind of fierce competition also creates price wars which may cause corners to be cut on ingredient quality.
  • Inadequate Education- Buying your pet foods from stores often leaves you just as much "in the dark" about your choices as when you walk in. Can you really expect a retail store to offer an expert analysis on all of the pet foods they carry? Most of the time you are directed to the food that is on sale or the one that most people are buying at the moment.
  • Outdated Food-Try this simple test. Go to any pet store and start checking expiration dates on the bags. You will notice that most every pet food has a two-year shelf life, which is the industry standard. Why is that?  Does this mean that pet food companies are expecting their foods to be on the market two years before they are purchased? By then, under what conditions has the food transported and sold?  Has it been exposed to extreme temperatures for months at a time? Would you rather buy a fresh bag of food or one that is two years old?

Life's Abundance is not sold in stores and therefore is not subject to the dictates of the commercial marketplace. They only make the best for your pet, price accordingly, and educate their customers through websites, DVD's, newsletters, an educated sales force and with conference calls with their formulator, Dr. Jane Bicks. They also deliver the freshest products in the industry- dry foods are generally only six weeks from the day they are made when it is delivered to your home--this provides higher nutrition and safety. 

Why switch?

Compare Life's Abundance

How do you compare pet foods? Comparing ingredients from one pet food to another is a good place to start. If you see negative ingredients like by-products, corn, wheat, soy, bone meal, and other less than optimal ingredients, you can safely eliminate that product from your consideration. But what about pet foods with labels that don't look bad? With so many natural pet foods with ingredients that look very good available in pet stores and boutiques, why should you switch to Life's Abundance?


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Life's Abundance - No Wheat, No Corn, No Gluten, No Dairy! The #1 Holistic Pet Food Preferred by Holistic Veterinarians and The Playyard Customers! Strict Control Guidelines, Never Recalled, and made in the USA!



 For your pet's sake, check out the products and opportunities available within the Life's Abundance.

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